How to Not Fall Down the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole

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There is a phenomenon on the internet, wherein we become exposed to information which asserts that the actions of a particular governmental group or institution have a sinister, harmful intent behind it. People come forward with claims and anecdotes and interpretations of things which they use to back up these claims.

Now, when faced with such assertions of ‘evil, harmful conspiracies happening’, it can be easy to go into fear and start wondering and thinking and interpreting everything now according to these claims – going down the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole. And with SO MUCH information out there, it’s important to have a practical structure within yourself to deal with those moments so you don’t just keep feeding your fears and ending up spreading your fears to others like a Virus.

Firstly it’s important to learn to admit to ourselves when we don’t actually have all the facts and information about…

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