A tale in times of quarantine

Autor: Gabriel Aceves Higareda

Those who know me, know that I am a insane fanatic of bird feathers. And yesterday, I found an astounding blue bird, a Celestine. I found him dead by the side of the road, and I held him up in my hands. It had a sky-blue plumage with rainbow flares of iridescent feathers on its back, like that flash of the hummingbird’s plumage.

The bird had not been dead for too long, the “flexibility” of the neck, muscles and the wings, were evidence of it´s recent crossover, along with that everlasting shine of life retained in the eye sockets… 
And something happened while I was holding the corpse of the bird in my hand

I felt as if I was having a dialogue with the bird, a dialogue that was happening everywhere around me, yet within me…; however, this dialogue, that was so “intimate”, of which perhaps prompted by my own “foolishness and desire” to attribute life to an entity that simply has left this world, in my hurry to make me believe in a “hereafter” to calm down my fear of death… I expressed and talked to the corpse of the bird in this way:

My little brother, you have left your beautiful plumage behind you… and despite I am so tempted now to take one of your beautiful feathers to make a beautiful pendant, with which I would be able to charm whatever woman I desire for myself… now I get to question within me… why have I given “value” to your arms, hair, body and call it mine? If you have been so brave that you have even left your crown of feathers behind… even your invaluable and astoundingly beautiful yet powerful wings to raise you up to the sky, why have I come to attach myself to giving a value to “things”, which are actually are not THINGS, but Life…?

I can take a feather from you, but this feather is like a finger for me … if you don’t take this with you my little brother, why have I so naively come to believe that I will ever be able to take anything of myself away with me? 
Do I posses me? 
Do I own me? 
Do I own life?
Do I own Death…? or does Death owns ME? 

Do I OWE anything? Do I NEED anything?
… …
I realized that an old man was watching me a few meters ahead, I approached him, but as soon as he noticed the carcass of the bird in my hands, he signaled me to keep my distance from him… I understood immediately and I didn´t get any closer… the origin of his fear was as evident as the alive face of death in the palm of my hands…, especially with the global alarm of the scamdemic virus…, however, I also realized that I didn´t have anything to loose by stopping to explain:

“Es que jamás había tenido la oportunidad de ver uno de éstos tan de cerca, es hermoso…”
He didn’t understand me … Ironically I noticed it because he replied: “No, thank you…”
I changed language´s immediately and replied:

“I’m not trying to sell it …”

His gaze changed and I continued:

“I was trying to tell you that this is the first opportunity that I have ever had to see one of these from so close… I mean, I’m obviously going to wash my hands after this right? However, it’s just that sometimes we have to go beyond” that step of our fears and beliefs “in order to get to know Life right?…

He replied: “You’re not from here, are you?”

No haha, (I replied )

“Where are you from?” (he asked):

Meshico” I concluded …

I kept walking along the sidewalk, with the bird deposited in the palm of my hands, and as I got closer to the entrance of the town. I sang a song to the bird giving thanks to it for it´s daily songs, a lullaby that I love from the American Indians, and as the vibrations of my voice filled my entire self, I felt again the dialogue raising within me and my little brother said:

“Brother put me in the shade of that tree and leave me there”

I did it just like that…

It is one of the very, very few times that I didn’t take a feather, even when I had the chance to do so, and after leaving the corpse of the bird under that tree I promised myself that I would not come back to pick anything, even when I have to admit that I was more than tempted to do so…
I wanted to honor the vision I had. I wanted to honor myself, my brother, and Life itself in just that one little seemingly insignificant action… just to allow myself to have the opportunity to let go of everything that worries me right now… all of that which doesn´t let me live to my full potential…

We don´t take anything with us … not even this story …

I can let go…

– Wabi.


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